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Sorting Our Cast Into Their Hogwarts Houses: Alexei & Ira

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howarts-houses-2Here at Copious Love, we follow many fandoms. We are largely made up of enthusiastic fan girls and boys and we proudly follow the PotterVerse with feverish enthusiasm. It just so happens that there is quite a bit of Hogwarts talk in our new show, “The Untitled Play About Art School” by Nelle Tankus (tickets available NOW!) and like the books, our show takes place largely at a school. Our Directing team decided it would be appropriate to sort and house our entire cast to help with a bit of character development. It actually became a very meaningful discussion that has carried on throughout the rehearsal process and I thought our audience would enjoy what we learned. We hope this is enjoyable for both Muggles as well as our fellow Wizards and Witches.

Just so you know, Wizarding School and Art School are actually quite similar (fact!) Both require immense dedication, passion and pride in the process. Both at Whetmore’s College of Performing Arts and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, we have a group of students that end up facing the worst monster that any of us could possibly imagine while simultaneously trying to graduate on time.

In Nelle’s play, Alexei Cifrese plays Ira Huxley III, a student attending Whetmore’s with Amy Antonia*. Ira might be most commonly refereed to as the “Malfoy” of the group but Alexei couldn’t be more opposite! Read on to find out what makes Ira one of the cunning and pure, and what makes Alexei one of the clever and wise.

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-8-27-42-pmIra: Slytherin / Alexei: Ravencalw   

“I automatically pegged Ira for a Slytherin! For one, he’s ambitious, which in and of itself is a Slytherin quality. I feel like he has this idea at his core, where he understands that he is not the best at what he does, in fact if anything he kind of sucks at what he does! But surprisingly, what he is good at is interpersonal relationships. Which is not what is immediately obvious, its a bit ironic that I’m saying that because pretty much his entire arc is trying to make connections with people that just aren’t there…I mean his entire relationship with Rhett* for example is kind of going south, his closest friend at school now hates him…I think it was said during rehearsal, that Rhett inherits an Ira every four or so years…It’s his cycle. Yet the same time Ira uses what other people want to kind of leverage his advantage and ultimately he gets it, even if others don’t. On the flip side, he has his goals in mind and he knows what he needs to do to get it done and he totally succeeds, but unfortunately everything else falls to the wayside. You know this guy will be something in the future, he will absolutely make it, but at what cost?”

While Ira is a Slytherin, Alexei himself is totally a Ravenclaw, “People generally think I’m a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw because I am very loyal to the people I care about and I put friendships above everything else but I think I was housed in Ravenclaw because I am a bit of a nerd…I speak french too so theres a bit of a…pretentiousness there? I mean that’s not to say I’m pretentious, I’d say its a thirst for knowledge but I get a wave of pretentious guilt whenever I pronounce something in French, I always get a reaction from people!” I laughed a bit hard at this because, how many of us know a Ravenclaw that does that? Right?! Oh Ravenclaws, you wise and undoubtedly correct creatures. What would we do without you? ❤ (be wrong a lot of the time, probably…)

Join Copious Love Productions for our first full-length production of Season 4, “The Untitled Play About Art School” by Nelle Tankus. Nelle Tankus is a trans woman playwright and performer born and raised in Seattle, and is an alumni of the Lambda Literary Emerging Writers’ Retreat.

Get your tickets for the show now (prices go up at the door!) so you don’t miss out on flesh-eating monsters, anarchy and revenge!! For tickets CLICK HERE!

Opening December 1st through the 21st at the 12th Ave Arts Center on Capitol Hill.

*Rhett Whetmore is another character in “The Untitled Play About Art School”! Read all about him and how he was sorted later on this week!

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