Official Guide to “Midnight Masquerade NYE”

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—  Official Guide To  —
Saturday, Dec. 31st @ 8pm
at 12th Ave Arts (18+)



ONLINE: $15 admission / $30 VIP
DOOR: $20 admission / $35 VIP

Imagine yourself dancing in complete anonymity, it’s a darkly lit room, there is a DJ selecting the night’s score as a hundred other masked silhouettes eclipse each other in rhythm.  It’s a countdown to a release. Whether you need to be loved or lost, this is your place on New Year’s Eve.

Enter a world of mystery and elegance at Capitol Hill’s masks-required NYE party. Copious Love’s Midnight Masquerade merges the theatrics of a dark modern ball with a thumping showcase of DJs, and a bottomless champagne VIP ticket level. Purchase a mask if you don’t have one, but this party opens its doors to guests who play along with the masquerade. Inside, you’re welcomed to the bar featuring cocktail specials, champagne, beer and wine to help entertain you with the musical stylings of DJs K Relly, S**tbox and special guests! Dance under the giant chandelier on New Year’s Eve and party toward the future with friends in Seattle’s best nightlife district.

Rules for a Masquerade

1. Mask Required
A masquerade ball means that we have a strict mask-required policy at this event. Your admission comes complete with a basic mask if you don’t have one, but we thoroughly recommend preparing your mask in advance. Now is the time to get crazy on pinterest designing the perfect mask for your outfit.

2. Costume or Formal Attire encouraged
This is going to be an expo of strange, so run with it. In classical victorian masquerade parties, ladies and gentlemen wore their finest formal dress. At Copious Love’s party, anything goes. We want to see you get creative and go crazy. Photos will be taken!

3. Party like no one knows who you are
Now that you’ve got 1. and 2. set, you’re ready to have one of the best New Year’s Eve parties of your ever-loving life. Join Copious Love as we present this fantasy macabre ball under the “mega-chandelier” and throw all of your 2016 grief to the past as we party toward the future.

8:00 Doors Open
8:30 DJ S**tbox
11:15 DJ K Relly
12:00 MIDNIGHT!!!
Party don’t stop…

Getting to the party

VENUE — 12th Ave Arts  map | website
12th Ave Arts is on Capitol Hill in Seattle on 12th Avenue in between Pine and Olive. It is right between (RGB) Rachel’s Ginger Beer & Dumpling Tzar with a bright “Arts” sign lit up out front.

PARKING — Let’s face it, we’re in Capitol Hill and parking sucks. But we have some tips to keep you on top of traffic. REMINDER! Street parking is metered until 8pm, after which you don’t have to pay. OUR FAVORITE PARKING LOT: The Seattle Central Community College parking lot has evening $5 – $10 parking. Located on Harvard Ave at E Pine Street (map). It’s only a few blocks to walk.

RIDESHARE Uber and Lyft or taxis are fantastic options, especially when you go VIP. We don’t want you driving home after partying so hard with us. Download the app on your phone and use it to get to and from the event.

Make an evening of it

CAPITOL HILL is one of Seattle’s best nightlife neighborhoods, hosting some of the best restaurants, bars, and clubs that our city has to offer. Vibrant and continuously bustling, this is a great spot to make a complete night out of it.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer for excellent ginger beer and the world’s best moscow mules. They have a fried chicken sandwich window and pretty much everything on their menu is delicious.
Quinn’s for impeccable atmosphere, classic libations, as well as one of the city’s most delicious burgers. Hands down great place for an intimate culinary adventure.
Poquitos for excellent Mexican food, cheap drinks and fantastic service! Good for larger parties.

There is an amazing circus performing the whole month of December and they have a final performance the same night as the party. They have graciously offered any Copious Love friends a discount on tickets! Check out their shows here, and use the Discount Code: “copiousacro” when purchasing tickets.


ONLINE: $15 admission / $30 VIP
DOOR: $20 admission / $35 VIP

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