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“The Fog Machine Play” Cast & Crew Announcement

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The Fog Machine PlayBrochure_11x17_HalfFold_CS by Brendan Mack

March 31 – April 22, 2017
at The Slate, inside Inscape Arts

The Story!

It is important to note that in the ever changing world we live in, the one unchanging constant is that people love theatrical fog.  No matter how bad your day is, or what life events may be pushing you around and making you feel trapped, oh so trapped, so unbearably trapped- you know that would all change if you were given the opportunity to run through a room full of theatrical fog.  We are changing people’s lives. And by people we mean you.  And by Lives, we mean Fog.  And by you, we mean Machine. The Fog Machine Play or experientia de Apparatus Producens Nebula.”A series of short plays written to justify the use of a fog machine that was bought in 2013.  

The Cast!

Lisa Clarke as SANDRA, ALLY SHEEDY lisa-clarkes-headshot
Joining Copious Love Productions for the first time, Lisa Marie Clarke (Lisa) is excited to share in the realization of Brendan Mack’s The Fog Machine Play.  Lisa was recently seen onstage during Fringe Month at The Pocket Theater, as multiple characters from Twelfth Night Productions’ Love, Loss and What I Wore, and Reboot Theatre Company’s all-female cast of the musical 1776 where she played Martha Jefferson.  Lisa is so grateful to Copious Love for continuing to make her feel so welcome in the Seattle Theatre Community.  Lisa is deeply thankful for the opportunity to participate in a show with humor and heart.

Will Lippman as DANNY, JUDD NELSONunnamed
Will Lippman is an actor in the Seattle area. He holds a BFA in Performance from Central Washington University, and was recently a part of Intiman Theatre’s Emerging Artists Program as an actor. He has performed in several productions with companies around the Seattle area, including Psycho Beach Party with Fantastic Z and Wait Until Dark with Driftwood Players. This is Will’s first production with Copious Love, and he is absolutely thrilled to join this cast.

Joshua Moore as DAVID, ETHANIEL unnamed-4
Josh is horrifyingly excited to be a part of another Copious Love show. Thank you to Brendan for yet another opportunity to play, and, let’s be honest, get a little crazy. Also big thanks to Zach for keeping me grounded, who knows what kind of rap sheet I’d have without you. Enjoy the show!

Justin Johns is a performer of varying styles from Seattle, WA.  He’s been a proud member and supporter of Copious Love Productions since his move to Seattle. His other theatrical roles have included Willoughby (Sense and Sensibility, 2012 Jane Austen festival in Bath, UK), Tobias (Sweeney Todd), and Lloyd (Noises Off), but audiences may be more used to him portraying various fuzzy creatures on stage, from cats (Total Family Massage, CLP) to squirrels (Some Kind of Space Opera) to white rabbits (Alice’s Anthem, CLP). Justin is also heavily involved in creating and performing new dramatic and artistic works spanning classical music, theatre, drag, burlesque, and performance art. He is a voracious Glitterbeast ready to devour his truth whole and create his best reality possible. Bring it.

Olivia Lee as ENSEMBLE 1, WAITRESS, GWENDOLYN unnamed-2
This is Olivia’s second show with Copious Love and her 47,325th with Brendan Mack. Her first Seattle role was the best of both worlds:  Charlotte in Copious Love’s Alice’s Anthem, directed by Brendan!  She was also Nancy in Are You There, God? It’s Me, Karen Carpenter, and Shannara/Rebecca in Weird Romance. Other Seattle roles include Magithor in Centerstage’s Little Red Riding Hood, Ronny in Hair, Riggins in The Crossing at Theater Schmeater, and the witch in Into the Woods (which could also be included in the Brendan Mack category.)  She enjoys cheese, beer, and being naked.  Thank Oprah for these wonderful weird theatre people she gets to share the stage with!  But mostly, thank Cher.

Katie has worked with Copious Love and Brendan Mack on a few other occasions. You may remember her from her roles as a rapping crackhead, a wise talking flower, a monkey in a prison, the Sergeant from The Pirates of Penzance (only suuuuper creepy), and lastly: her surprising yet emotionally  riveting role of the Hunchback in High Heels. Katie did this play because she thought it was really whimsical and weird and that’s pretty much every thing she values in life, so yeah.

Jasmine Joshua as ENSEMBLE 3, MISSY, KERRY, MOLLY RINGWALD jasminejoshuahs
Jasmine Joshua is thrilled to make her Copious Love debut! She has had the honor of working with the good people of Annex, BPA, Book-It, Intiman, Twelfth Night Productions, the Schmee, and Seattle Musical Theatre, among others. She studied with the Groundlings and the Larry Moss Studio. She is the Artistic Director of Reboot Theatre Company and will direct Private Lives in May.

Marie Bolla is thrilled to be making her Copius Love debut with The Fog Machine Play! Marie graduated from Freehold Studio’s Ensemble Training Intensive (ETI) in June 2015, where she was a recipient of the Diversity Scholarship and previously completed the one-year Meisner intensive. While in ETI she created and performed in her solo show, A Mythology. She also performed in Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well with ETI and Freehold’s Engaged Theater Tour. Marie most recently performed in SPT’s final BXPE and as the titular role in Alcestis with the Irrational Robot Bureau Co. She has been seen in several roles in both 14/48’s Catharsis and the Pocket Theater’s Fringe Month. She was able to combine her love of science and theater in The Galileo Dialogues, Centerfuge 14/48 and Thought Experiments with Infinity Box Theater. Marie has also been seen with Playlist Seattle, Parley, Annex Theatre and Sound Theatre. Thank you to Brendan, Lacy and Chelsea for this wonderful opportunity to play.

Shermona Mitchell, SPECIAL APPEARANCEunnamed
Shermona is a local actor, director and teaching artist. Originally from Kentucky, Shermona moved to Seattle to attend Cornish College of the Arts where she earned her BFA in Theater. She has been seen locally working with Sound Theatre, Book-It Repertory Theatre, Live Girls! Theatre, Seattle Children’s Theatre, Anything Is Possible Theatre, Seattle Musical Theatre, 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, Theater Schmeater, The Collision Project, Copious Love, Seattle Public Theatre, ANNEX Theatre, STAGEright and most recently in Intiman’s Emerging Artists Program! She is a staff member for both Copious Love and Sound Theatre company and a haus member of The Haus of Glitterbeast.

Sujay ChattopadhyaySPECIAL APPEARANCEunnamed
Sujay is excited to be making his Copious Love Productions debut, and is honored to have the opportunity to work with such an amazingly talented ensemble. He was previously seen in Sound Theatre Company’s The Last Days of Judas Iscariot, Seattle Public Theater’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, and in several Bengali plays over the past decade. He is a proud founder member of Seattle Theaterwala, a South Asian theater organization. Thanks to family and friends for their love and support.

Arson Nicki as NAMELESS

Photo by Kingmon Creative

Arson Nicki is an aggressively transgressive drag artist based in Seattle, WA. They currently host and perform at two monthly events: Mobius Sisters at the Seattle Eagle on first Fridays, and Rapture at the Timbre Room on second Saturdays. Arson has also been seen onstage in Seattle at Neumos, Annex Theatre, Kremwerk, Pony, and the Seattle Eagle, as well as at venues in Portland, Los Angeles, and Vancouver BC. Arson is the curator and promoter of “Galleria,” an evening of drag performance art, as well as the creator and performer of “Slow Burn (a durational drag performance),” which recently made its debut at The Factory in Seattle, WA. Arson’s next major upcoming projects is curating and producing an entry in the 2017 Seattle Fringe Festival.

Kaysy Ostrom, “UNDERSTUDY”unnamed
Kaysy is excited to make her Copious Love Debut! She’s fresh off of working on Complete Works Abridged with SecondStory Rep and Boy Who Cried Wolf (Wolf) with Storybook Theatre. Kaysy has her BFA in Theatre Studies from SMU. Besides dabbling in acting, Kaysy pens plays, songs, and teaches theatre classes at Youth Theatre Northwest and Studio East. Big thanks to the cast, artistic team, Mom, Dad, and Devin: “For where thou art, there is the world itself!”

The Crew!

Brendan Mack, WRITER/DIRECTORunnamed
Brendan Mack wrote this play. He has written other plays. These are the names of the plays. WEB, HaUNTED, WEIGHT THE WEEK, BE ME, THE FEDORA, ALWAYS A MERMAID, NEVER A MERM, UP PAST BEDTIME-TIME, Season 2, 3 and 4 of Sister Leigh Love, YOUR PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE – a Super Mario parody, The Xmas Carol Xperiment. Brendan Mack is here, queer, and ready for some fog machine realness.

Chelsea Madsen, CO-DIRECTORunnamed-2
FACT: Chelsea Madsen is the Artistic Director of Copious Love as well as one of its founding members. FACT: She does career type things during the day but by night she makes theatre and writes jokes with her friends. FACT: She wrote some of the jokes in this show, conveniently with her friends Brendan and Rachel. They are really funny people. Like, hold onto your butts because this show will prove that fact. FACT: Chelsea has a history with fog machines and didn’t know anyone could have as much of an opinion on them being used theatrically, until she met Brendan Mack. That might have been the conception of their friendship actually. This show is all about that. Friendship, theatre and failing so hard you win because sometimes neat art is born from highly organized chaos. FACT: Chelsea loves her husband Bradley (I LOVE YOU) and promises she will be home ASAP to eat tacos and watch The Mighty Boosh as per usual. Viva Fog Machine. Viva Copious Love.

Rachel Tyrrel, CO-DIRECTORrachel tyrrel
Rachel Tyrrel is eternally grateful Brendan Mack trusted her to help cultivate and edit the sensational Fog Machine Play. It is the best thing she has ever worked on. While not working with Copious Love Productions, Rachel can be found searching for literary agents, reading in parks, and finding new ways to add more fog into Fog Machine. She fears nothing, which is quite sad.

Emily Cioc, STAGE MANAGERunnamed-3
Emily Rose Cioc is a spring 2016 graduate from Cornish College of the Arts where she studied Performance Production and concentrated in Stage Management. She has been stage managing since late 2008 and is overjoyed to be a part of the team at Copious Love for another production. Recent stage management credits include – The Untitled Play About Art School (Copious Love), Raisins in a Glass of Milk (Cornish Presents), Quixote: Book One (Cornish College of the Arts), Babes in Hollywood (The Shawnee Playhouse), She Kills Monsters (Cornish College of the Arts), and Forever Plaid (The Shawnee Playhouse). Upcoming productions include Stay With Me (Operating Theatre) in February.

Chris Leher, TECHNICAL & SOUND DESIGNER14900622_10153865145546423_5844776312367519224_n
Chris is a sound designer and technical artist living and breathing in Seattle. He is also a freelancer in the fields of Technology, Video Production and Photography. His sound design work for Terra Incognita at Annex was recently nominated for a Broadway World Sound Design award. He also designed for Mad Scientist Cabaret, and Unexpected Wilderness at Annex where he is also the Technical Director, as well as Can’t Talk Right Now for Theatre22. Chris is thrilled to be working on The Fog Machine Play as both Technical Director and Sound Designer. This is his second production with Copious Love after doing the same roles on The Untitled Play About Art School

Gwyn would like to dedicate his design for The Fog Machine Play to the memory of Kermit, a rare and aged fogger that he rescued from languishing in a friend’s garden shed when he was 15. Kermit required much nursing back to health, but became a minor celebrity both at Gwyn’s high school and university, where it eventually died. While irreplaceable, Kermit was followed by Robin, who fogged shows with Gwyn for a few years (including a musical at the Edinburgh Fringe where a reviewer noted that the stage being entirely obscured by fog was no detriment). In 2009, Gwyn left the UK to move to Seattle, and sadly Robin was unable to work here. It stayed behind in a new home, and Gwyn lived without fog for a few years, but always felt something was profoundly wrong. He lit shows without a regular vaporous sidekick, including the Gypsy Rose Lee award nominated Blood Countess and The Lost Girls at Annex Theatre, Live! From the Last Night of My Life with Theatre22, and The 39 Steps with Lamplight Productions. Happily, though, Sweetums joined his home last year to debut in Bunnies at Annex, and after an organ transplant to recover from chronic illness will be making its triumphant return to the stage in this production.

Reiko Huffman, SCENIC DESIGNERphoto-on-4-14-14-at-8-32-pm-2
Reiko Huffman is a local scenic designer in Seattle and is very happy to be working with Copious Love Productions again for The Fog Machine Play. This upcoming year Reiko is also designing The Big Ambition at Seattle University as well as assisting Re-Entry at Seattle University, the scenic charge artist for Every Five Minutes for Washington Ensemble Theatre, and, assisting for Cheradonna’s Doll House for Washington Ensemble Theatre.

Max Holley, COSTUME DESIGNERunnamed
Max is thrilled to be working on this amazing production, marking their first collab with Copious Love Productions! Max has taken a break from their first love of costuming to play onstage as Abbey Roads, alongside their favorite collaborator, Butch Alice i.e. Brendan Mack in productions like Are You There God? It’s Me Karen Carpenter, and the fun and zany Haus of Glitterbeast events. But they are SO excited to work on this very specific, raw, important material. Max would like to thank Brendan, Lacy, Tony, Chelsea, and all CLP team members for welcoming them into the fam! #allyouneedislove

Saya Jean, HAIR & MAKEUP DESIGNERsayaphotofundraiser
Saya Jean has been the Hair & Makeup Manager for every show Copious Love has ever done. She has been keeping the actors gorgeous and well coiffed from the beginning of Copious Love. But rest assured she will rock your world on and off the stage as the baddest bitch in the CLP family. This lovable and fouled-mouthed badass is often referred to as “Mama Saya.”

Samantha Koenig, HAIR & MAKEUP15841482_1194965650581457_1157135599_n
Sam is a self taught special effects artist. She’s new to stage play but rocks it with ease. She plans to learn as much as she can and hopefully have enough experience and knowledge to go to the big time movie screen. She’s a hard worker and very passionate about the work she does. She gets her creativity and inspiration from being a huge fan of sci-fi movies and shows.

Stephanie Graham, CHOREOGRAPHERunnamed-2
OMG I’M SO EXCITED TO BE CHOREOGRAPHING FOG MACHINE PLAY – GIVING YOU ALL THE FOSSE YOU CAN HANDLE! Steph’s recent choreography credits include: Annie (Issaquah High School), Seussical, Addams Family (Renton Civic Theater), and The Rocky Horror Show (Secondstory Repertory). As a performer, a few favorite roles include: “Becky Two-Shoes” Urinetown, “Euterpe” Xanadu, and OF COURSE “Laura Danker/Barb Stutts/Karen Carpenter” Are You There God? It’s Me Karen Carpenter. She is also a teaching artist at Studio East in Kirkland, where she spent the holidays choreographing and performing in ‘Twas the Night. When she’s not onstage or teaching, she is also a licensed real estate broker with Sterling, Johnston & Associates. All my thanks and undying gratitude to the entire cast & crew, her boyfriend Noel, papa Brad, mom & sister.

Shaun Shaffer, PROP MASTERunnamed
Shaun Shaffer has worked in a number of creative outlets and venues. While Shaun Shaffer has yet to work as a prop master, he is looking forward to the challenge. Shaun Shaffer believes that hard work is its own reward. Shaun Shaffer prefers to refer to himself in the third person. Shaun Shaffer.

Jared Norman, PROJECTION DESIGNER / VIDEO EDITORjared-norman-headshot
Jared is a visual and performance artist with a passion for film, theater, and the dark arts of drag. She currently contours magic as a lighting designer, video specialist, and cast member as Ruby Bouché at Mimosas Cabaret – a drag musical theater experience at the Unicorn every weekend. Come brunch with us! Jared is thrilled to be working with Copious Love and hopes you enjoy this very important and precious piece of theatre.

Erik Warren has worked in Special Effects for Stage and Film, along with Fashion and Runway Makeup for the past two decades. Working with numerous cult icons, designers and celebrities such as the one and only ‘Elvira’ ~ Working in stage and set design for ‘The Mistress Of The Dark herself.’ He’s also worked on numerous projects with local Seattle designer Mark Mitchell, the talented Seattle Director Wes Hurley, the Cult Drag Superstar Peaches Christ and Rupaul’s Drag Race Icons ~ such as Ben DeLaCreme, Sharon Needles, Bianca Del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon, and Robbie Turner in The Capitol Hill Web-Series. Erik also runs his own Productions Business ~ ‘Limelight Event Productions,’ where he specializes not only in Special Effects and Makeup, but also Set Design, Lighting Design, Costuming, Hair & Wig Styling, Decorating, Catering and also Bartending Services for all types of events. Check out Erik on his Facebook page ~ ‘Limelight Event Productions’ where you can view his latest events and upcoming productions and other new projects yet to come!

Chris Cook, BOARD OPERATORunnamed
Chris Cook is excited to be working on another Copious Love production. He is a full-time student and part-time staff member at the Art Institute of Seattle, where he studies Game Programming and works in the Registrar Department. He is grateful to Copious Love for welcoming him with open arms back in to the theatre community after not having been involved with it since high school.

Sparkle Leigh, SPACESHIP DESIGNER10616399_317819535078398_9033178328097800958_n
Sparkle Leigh is a giant wizardess of performance/art/drag and MORE, existing among us mere mortals in this fair city of Emerald. Sparkle does many things involving glitter, hot glue and cardboard around the world. Currently she has graced us with her talent on this insane play and is designing a SPACESHIP for us… It will all make sense soon. I promise. Contact, follow, and HIRE HER at @thesparkleleigh on all social platforms! Also, she’s REAL gay. Glitter Kisses in copious amounts.♥

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