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Our NEW Musical Announcement!

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Have you been following our search for a new musical?!

If so, you know that we have been searching for a new musical to produce for quite a while! We put out a call for new musicals awhile back and we were inundated with quite a few choices. We read through them, weighed every choice and came to a decision as a team. Our vision was clear. We have our script, we are working with our playwright and assembling a team as we speak! Fast forward to last night at our annual fundraiser…
We finally announced our choice! Now you can revel in our decision and get excited for our developments in the new year!

journeywestIn the spring of 2018 we will produce Journey West: The Legend of Lewis & Clark, Based on Mostly “True” Events by Andrew Lee Creech!

Here is a bit about the show from the playwright himself;
Journey West: The Legend of Lewis & Clark, Based on Mostly “True” Events
“In the times in which we are living–proposed walls, alternative facts, xenophobia, congressional shenanigans and a country divided, it seems more and more like we are living in a farcical cartoon as many of us find ourselves asking: Is this even real? Questions like this led even further down the research rabbit hole, and it became clear that this American origin story needed to be retold to help unpack our current political and social state and to create inclusive art for all.

This story asks us to wrestle with two hard truths. One, the history of white imperialism dates back to even our country’s most prideful moments. And many our “success” stories come at the expense of others. And two, the success of this mission relied on not just the headliners, but many other supporting players as well. These are our Hidden Figures. This then begs the question: What does history look like when it is written by the disenfranchised and the forgotten? This is where things get very exciting. Much like the headlines we are seeing every day, the Corps of Discovery’s story is absurd, wacky, heartbreaking at times, amazing, and unbelievable. But no matter how far the hijinks go, every character’s humanity is always rooted in their pursuit of acceptance, respect, a sense of self-worth, and wanderlust.
This is an American story. This is a Human story.
Let the adventure begin!” -Andrew Lee Creech 

We are beyond thrilled to develop and produce this epic musical next Spring in 2018! Between now and then we will be staging readings of the script and music, sharing our journey with you, our audience, so you can see this show unfold right along with us! Keep a close eye on our social media and blog for more announcements and details to come!
For now, please enjoy a sneak peek video clip of ‘Plucky Adventure Song’ from the show! Filmed at our fundraiser, courtesy of Fantasia Oslund (thank you for being our awesome back up camera person!) and performed by John Coons, Maya Burton, Jordan Iosua Taylor, and Leah Russell! You all sounded phenomenal, thank you so much!

ENJOY! We love you! ❤ 

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