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Copi-Curious! Theatre Open House!

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[This event is pay what you will, but RSVP to make sure there’s room. Online RSVP closes at 4pm day of show!]

Everything you ever wanted to know about theatre, but were afraid to experience!

Tuesday, June 20th @ 7pm

Show Description – What even is theater, and how does it work? How do shows in Seattle get written and produced? How can technology amplify the theater experience? Can you get involved even if you didn’t go to art school? (Spoiler alert: The answer is YES!)

Have you ever wanted to act, write a play, or be involved in technical production for theater? Copious Love is CALLING ALL THE CURIOUS to an open theater event on June 20th at 7:00 pm at the Pocket Theater in Greenwood. We’ll share all about fringe theater and how we work in it, answer your questions, and show how anyone with a heart for theater can get involved in the Seattle scene. This event is pay-what-you-can and there’s a bar for merriment!

This event will feature many of the people who make our shows possible, clips from past productions, and opportunities for attendees to ask questions. We’ll also share some easy ways that newcomers can get involved in the local theater scene through acting, writing, or technical production.

Featuring – Copious Love staff, board members, and members of our community: Tony Gavilanes, Maddy Noonan, Chelsea Madsen, Rachel Tyrrel, Andrew Lee Creech, Lacy Gavilanes, Olivia Lee,  Shermona Mitchell, Vic Bonilla and Chris Leher!

Producer Bio – Copious Love is a start-up production company composing and cultivating entirely original artistic productions in our hometown of Seattle. We are concentrated on producing, writing, and directing original works, and amplifying the creativity of our membership and community at large!

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