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#CLPsuggests “Into the Deeps”

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DangerSwitch gives clownfish a whole new meaning in their newest production “Into the Deeps”.

This production has it all; comedy, heart, beauty, and bravery. It leads with some stunning imagery which makes you excited for what’s in store and the remaining 90 minutes do not disappoint. “Into the Deeps” is gracefully directed by Alyza DelPan-Monley an Eddie DeHais. The ensemble play amazingly off of each other and portray such awesome emotion with only sound and movement. The Sound Design by D.R Amromin is incredible, it is a much part of the story as the performers onstage. Every piece of this show came together to make a thing of beauty.

“Into the Deeps” has a short run so buy your tickets now!! Please support DangerSwitch so they can continue making their art which is so integral to the Seattle artistic community. I love them so much.

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