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#CLPsuggests: Sound Theare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

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Midsummer Night’s Dream
(All Shows Bilingual in ASL American Sign Language / Spoken English)
Presented by Sound Theatre Company
Directed and ASL by Howie Seago, Co-Directed by Teresa Thuman
From April 19 – May 12
at 12th Ave Arts

Shakespeare is overdone. There. I said it. You can come at me all you want, you know it’s true, I know it’s true and if I have to sit through one more bland self indulgent performance of Hamlet I’ll start burning theaters down.

NOT SO with Sound Theatre’s A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Everyone’s seen/read Midsummer so I will not summarize the play. If you don’t know Midsummer-go see this show! It’ll be a great introduction to Shakespeare comedies done right.

I haven’t seen an ASL performance in a long time. This is my first one in Seattle, and it blew me away.

Sound Theatre has put together the most wonderful cast to display Shakespeare’s most popular comedy. I’ve seen Midsummer a dozen times, read it more than I care to admit and this cast showed me new beats and emotions in the script I’ve never noticed.

As much as I would like to write a blurb on each cast member and what they bring to the performance, I doubt you want to read a 17-page review. The two people who stole every scene (in the best way, not overshadowing their fellow actors) are the delightful Elizabeth Ayers Gibson (Hermia) and hilarious Ryan Schlecht (Bottom). Both actors are so captivating you cannot take your eyes off of them.

Major praise for Margaret Toomey and Kellie Martin for a fantastic set. I absolutely LOVED the cast had a set with so many levels they could interact and play in. I personally would wear every costume Toomey and Kat Henwood designed for this production.

Please do yourself a favor and go see this show.

By R. H. Tyrrel

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