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#CLPsuggests “Alma (or #nowall)”

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Alma (or #nowall)
 by Benjamin Benne
Directed by Brandon J Simmons

Presented by Theatre Battery
at Kent Station
Through September 1st

       In Theatre Battery’s workshop production of Alma (or #nowall) by Benjamin Benne, the audience is invited into the home of an undocumented immigrant, and her 17-year-old daughter. Over the course of an hour-twenty, we get to watch in real-time as petty squabbles and family drama unfold, but with the added tension of a broken immigration system and political turmoil looming over the piece like a specter. It’s an honest and moving production that frequently dips into moments of surrealism and humor. This play is relevant. It is resonant. And it will move you.

The show runs through September 1
st @ Kent Station and tickets are available for online reservation and walk-ups AT NO COST. That’s right. Theatre Battery practices Radical Hospitality and believes that cost should not be a barrier for entry. So reserve your tickets, invite your friends and share a Lyft (although Seattle theatre patrons will be pleased by the ample parking onsite) and go see this show.

By Richard Sean Glen

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