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Welcome Kathryn Stewart, Our New Artistic Director!!

Copious Love Productions is excited to announce the arrival of our new Artistic Director, Kathryn Stewart.

Founded in 2010 by Chelsea Madsen, Lacy and Tony Gavilanes, Copious Love Productions is a performing arts company focused on cultivating original works. We develop and support interactive experiences for a more vibrant community of artists and audiences.

Copious Love is experiencing an artistic shift thanks to the opening of our new art space, Copious (formerly known as the Ballard Underground) and the relocation of our current Artistic Director, Chelsea Madsen.

Executive Director, Lacy Gavilanes’ notes, “We are excited to have found someone so positively entrenched within the Seattle theatre community and who is eager to help us thrive under our new creative model! Kathryn came to us with incredible drive and a treasure trove of amazing ideas to help us launch into our new adventure!”

A note from Kathryn:

“I am beyond excited to be joining Copious Love Productions as Artistic Director. I aim to create a safe space for artists to experiment, collaborate, create new work, grow and thrive–and to amplify traditionally marginalized voices through storytelling and opportunity. Copious Love has energized and preserved this performance space in Ballard for the community– now called Copious. And we are looking forward to continuing our own productions in the near future. The door is open!”

A note from Chelsea:

“I could not be more proud of my company, my family and my best friends! Creating this whole crazy circus with Lacy and Tony is an all-time highlight of my life. Watching us grow into the Copious space this last few months has been simply astonishing. 2018 brought us so many changes that I can hardly keep up! One that I still have to come to terms with is that 2019 will be taking me away from Seattle. Not for good, but for a significant amount of time. At such a pivotal point in Copious Love’s evolution it was clear that we needed to bring in a fresh new beating heart to our team to help anchor us through all this change. One that could help us grow into our space, cultivate innovative new work and help champion the new creative voices and talent that keeps coming into our city every day. Kathryn is that person!! I cannot wait to see how this beautiful company evolves under Kathryn’s incredible leadership. I know you will be as impressed with her as I am!”

We are excited to move forward into this new evolution of Copious Love with Kathryn at the helm, and we cannot wait for everything that the future brings. Please join us on June 16th from 2:00-5:00pm at the Copious space in Ballard for a Meet and Greet (2220 NW Market St. Unit L00, Seattle, WA), all are welcome! Come meet our Staff, Board, Literary Team and our new Artistic Director. If you’ve been wanting to check out our space and meet our community, come on down and join us! Like Kathryn said “the door is open!”

All photos by Brett Love ❤


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