Brendan Barr

Brendan Barr
Box Office

Until Alice’s Anthem Brendan Barr had been Copious Love’s biggest fan, boasting bragging rights having been to every single CLP performance. He was in the audience, helping backstage and manning the door as part of our Dancing Ticket Booth. Clearly a man of many talents, he was an obvious pick for Membership and was our very first official Copious Love Member! You might have seen him in The Legend of Booxatron, a musical he helped write and stage, playing the bass guitar as ‘Robot One’.  Most recently he lent his technical talents to us and assisted in the lighting and sound tech for Alice’s Anthem. Brendan was at home behind the tech booth and brought the audience into the story with ease and beauty. I sat down with him to find out a little more about the man in the bowler hat who sells you your tickets while doing a jig.

Who was your biggest influence in getting involved in a theatre production?
“Probably my parents, they took us to every performance they could both music and theatre; especially the classics. Shows at the Act, the 5th Ave, the Paramount, the Moore; they taught us the importance of the arts, the culture surrounding them and encouraged us to be involved anyway we could.”

What inspired you while running tech for ‘Alice’?
“Largely I wanted to help create an atmosphere that could match up to what the characters themselves would be feeling, which was a lot! Not only emotionally but especially with the aid of hallucinogenic drugs. I just wanted to bring the audience into the moment as much as possible.”

What is your biggest goal within Copious Love?
“I want to see the company to continue to grow until we are unable to stay this small. In other words I want to spread the love, all over Seattle!”

If you could be involved in one theatre production, right now, what would it be?
“Les Mis! It’s one of the best, most important productions EVER– (pause for dramatic effect) Ever. I’ve seen it three times and it’s just- wow- yeah it’s mind blowing. The set, the scenery, the locations, the time period, the music; everything! And ‘Master of the House’ always makes me laugh.”

If you could be mentored by one person who would it be and why?
“Robert Downey Jr. Not only is he incredibly gifted, but he has been through a lot to get to where he is. He built himself up, tore himself down and built himself back up again. And yeah, he was fucking Iron Man!”

Interviewed and written by Chelsea Madsen

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