Jessica Pickett

Jessica Pickett

Jessica Pickett is an amazing Set Designer, a talented artist and a great friend. Jessica designed the full set for Alice’s Anthem and even helped us figure out our first set while she was working in the great white north of Alaska. She has been involved in every play we have written helping us conceptualize and create an original play from the start to the strikes. I had a chance to chat with her about her design and working with Copious Love and it was oodles of fun!!

Who was your biggest influence in getting involved in a theatre production?
“I don’t remember why I auditioned for theatre… I think I got into theatre because in High School my friends were doing theatre and I wanted to do something other than sports…Softball gave me anxiety…so did getting on stage, as I later found out.”

When and how did you begin Set Design?
“I began Set Design through a friend, Seth Wessel-Estes, who was doing film. I had gone to school for interior design and I hadn’t done anything with it but then I was asked to help him with a short film. I ended up doing a couple films with him one was a full feature. I enjoyed doing film a lot but I hated the stop and go of it but I still wanted to do Set Design. Then you guys started this theatre production company and I got to help design. Unfortunately due to work I couldn’t help with the very first show but I’ve been here to help with Sweet & Decent/Dark & Twisty and I designed Alice. I also feel like I need a creative outlet and being able to design with people I love and entertain folks is a great way to do it. To me art feels almost like your Id, like when you stand on the edge of a cliff and have an urge to jump but it is safer because it is an urge to create. I want to make art and so I do.”

What is your biggest goal within Copious Love?
“I feel like my biggest goal is to help get these plays out there. I feel like there are a lot of people in Copious Love whose talents deserve to be recognized and I like being a part of spreading the art we all create together. Also… maybe to see how many trees I can design in two seasons… I think every show from now on must have trees in it.”

If you could be involved in one theatre production, right now, what would it be?
Wicked! If I could help design the set for Wicked, which is probably already pre-designed anyway, it would be amazing. Even if I was just running around backstage getting people coffee I would be content. Just to be able to see what they do.”

If you could be mentored by one person who would it be and why?
“I really respect Frank Lloyd Wright’s design and architecture. It would be cool to just have a chat with him over coffee. I’d be like ‘Why did you want to build a house over a waterfall? Genius!’ I just think it is so cool that he wanted to do that so he did.”

Interviewed and written by Lacy Sarco

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