Lacy Gavilanes

Lacy Gavilanes
Founder and Executive Director

I always knew that I would be doing theatre. I am not going to say I didn’t lose sight for a bit there. But come on! That is what your early 20’s are for, partying and going crazy in a house with 10 people before really finding your path. There were several steps that led me to the concept of starting a theatre production company but the most blatant was stumbling across the beginning of a script that Chelsea was writing in High School. Back in the days when we would have “Independent Study” drama class because we had already blown through every drama class our school offered… We would sit in the hallway and talk about the plays we would want to write, to act in, we would think of grand ideas and laugh our asses off, sometimes get in trouble… But now I realize that was the beginning of Copious Love. When I first came to Chelsea with that early script and was like “Guuurrll, you need to finish writing this so we can produce a play and use all our friends talents”, I was not quite aware what I was creating. I am so overwhelmed to be running this company with my best friends in the entire world. They are all so talented and dedicated that sometimes it makes me feel like a proud mother. Everyone has stepped up to the plate and realized that if we all work hard together on something we love the outcome will be beautiful. I know some people must think it is hard to work with friends and maintain relationships but the great part is we were already bitchy and blunt with each other, so now that we know it is for a purpose we can say things like “no, that is terrible, not at all what we are thinking, but I LOVE YOOOUUU!!… now do it again.” Copious Love’s Season I made me see this is what we were meant to do all along but it had to happen at the right time with the right people, and it did. It is hard work producing an original play. There are so many aspects that I didn’t know about until producing our first show and with each new production I learn more and continue to grow. But, I would never be able to do the massive job of planning and organizing the entire process; casting, scheduling, marketing, shopping, building, etc, without the dedicated team and following that we have built. My goal is to see Copious Love visibly grow each year with our venues, members and activity. Even Season II is packed full of more fun events and we are moving to a venue that seats over double than our Season I venue. I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish and I hope that our community is as well.

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