Missy King

clpseason3_staff_missyMissy King

“If you don’t like it, strike it.”

Hello! My name is Missy King and I am a Copious Love member. I started out in the world of theater and music pretty early in my life. I acted in a couple of productions in elementary school and began to branch out to neighboring towns’ community theatre companies by middle school. In high school I blew through all of the drama classes offered with Lacy and Chelsea. Our genius drama teacher and mentor had the three of us continue with an independent study where the Copious Love seed was definitely planted. After high school I studied drama (and political science, as if that was going to get me anywhere!) in college up in British Columbia before I moved back home to Seattle.

As far as my musical side goes, I started playing the piano at a very young age, mainly just having fun with my older brother Brandon, playing songs we had heard on the radio, especially the oldies. My mom put me in lessons at 5 or 6 to be classically trained on the piano for many years. Then I picked up the trumpet and  the french horn. I played jazz with my trumpet for quite a few years. With the French Horn I played in the Everett Youth Symphony for 3 years along with being offered opportunities to play in orchestras with other competition winners including some travel opportunities. I also had my hands in a number of smaller scale ensembles and quartets with both the Trumpet and the French Horn.

I then took a break from music and theatre productions for a couple years but now I am picking everything back up again. My first project back in the swing of things was Copious Love’s production of Alice’s Anthem where I had the opportunity to play Tony G’s music on my trumpet with an amazing cast of triple-threat performers. I am overjoyed to be a part of this production company with people I respect and love so very much and I can’t wait to be involved in every single Copious Love production from here into eternity.

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