Rachel Tyrrel

racheltyrrelRachel Tyrrel
Associate Artistic Director

Rachel Tyrrel is an actor/writer/lover of life & fun and is delectably delighted to be part of the Copious Love crew! Born and raised in a western Chicago suburb, Rachel’s first production in 4th grade was The Wizard of OZ where she played a munchin. During opening night, her last baby tooth came loose and she held it under her tongue, blood pooling in her mouth while singing ‘Ding Dong The Witch is Dead’. It was in those moments she knew acting was her fate. Refusing to fall into the unspoken midwest tradition, (Being born, raised, and buried within a 50 mile radius) she fled to New Mexico and earned her B.F.A. in Acting at the Santa Fe University of Art And Design. She moved to Seattle because it has the most bookstores per capita and rumors of faeries in its forests. Professional information can be found at tpsonline.org.
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