Saya Burchfield

Saya Burchfield
Hair & Makeup Manager

Meet Saya Jean Burchfield! Our amazing Glamazon and hair stylist extraordinaire. You may have also seen Saya as “Queen Mother” in Alice’s Anthem and if you did then you know, bitch can sing. She is supremely talented onstage and off and I had the pleasure of chatting a bit with her about her life and Copious Love. Which was great because I love her.

Who was your biggest influence in getting involved in a theatre production?
“I would say first my mom, Barbara Ann Burchfield, because she could always sing, my entire life she was always a singer. She showed me musicals at a young age. I saw Rocky Horror first when I was 5. She and her friend had a video store in Tacoma and she sat me and my sister down there and said, ‘I am about to show you the most amazing thing ever,’ and I was hooked. She showed me all my favorites like Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Lil’ Abner,  Little Shop of Horrors… Then when I went to Sultan High School, my music department director, Mrs. Sumpter was really good at what she did and I fell into the music department I fit naturally there but she definitely pushed me more. Now I am so glad that my little sister, Ayla, goes there and gets to have her as a teacher. She was the main reason I wanted to perform. She pushed me to do things I always wanted to do.”

When and how did you begin doing hair?
“When I was young I had a nanny named Maddie. She was 16 and would watch me and my sister when I was like 3 or 4. We stayed in contact with her and when I was around 9 she became a cosmetologist. She was a color specialist, color is what she do. I would go to her shop and watch her do her thing and just being there and being able to smell the chemicals and dyes, I know its weird, but just being in that environment and seeing her work made me feel like I was where I was meant to be. I love making people feel beautiful, I love being able to make people look on the outside how they feel on the inside. I knew I wanted to style and do hair and makeup because when homecoming happened I didn’t even want to go but all my friends wanted their hair and makeup done and so I did everyone’s. I would get one person done and was ready for the next, and at that moment I knew this is what I was good at. This is what I had to do for my career.”

What is your biggest goal within Copious Love?
“I would like to fully work for Copious Love. Like just strictly work Copious Love shit, that would be my fucking dream job. Are you kidding me? I would kill for that. I just want to be paid to be creative and be able to work with the people I love. That would be beautiful. That right there is a beautiful day.”

If you could perform in one theatre production, right now, what would it be?
“I will be in Fathers, as the lesbian ghost sister, by John Paul You know this. Love you!”

If you could be mentored by one person who would it be and why?
“Well, I’ve already been mentored a little by the most famous John Paul and I would still love to be mentored further by him. But my dream celebrity mentor would be Bette Middler. Enough said.”

Interviewed and written by Lacy Sarco

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