Tony Gavilanes

clpseason3_staff_tonyTony Gavilanes
Founder and Business Director


I am constantly amazed about the ability of a group of individuals to accomplish amazing feats. I bring a background of music, business, and technology to Copious Love having been a musical performer since a very young age and operating my own production design agency Technical Event Production.

Having designed and run the back-office administration, promotions, and technical roles for CLP’s first two shows “The Way I See It” and “Sweet&Decent/Dark&Twisty,” I was able to write and produce all of the music and perform on stage in our first original musical “Alice’s Anthem”. Since, I have tried to push the technical boundaries doing custom animation, video, sound and lighting design for “Cedar & the Redwoods”, revived our musical “Alice’s Anthem” for a second production, and produced one of the most stunning shows to date, “CODENAME: KANSAS” – where we took audiences on a live-action video game ride using a set made entirely of digital projection.

I am so glad for the people I have been able to meet and work with. The vision for Copious Love would be impossible to achieve without a community set on manifesting tomorrow’s reality. LOVE

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  • Hey Tony! This is Kyle. We chatted a bit earlier today during the EZD2 course on Creative Live. Would love to connect further! I design lighting and sound for 10-12 full scale productions a year, but always keep my eyes open for opportunities to do great work with great people. And it never hurts me meet new potential collaborators!

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