store“Get Your Heart On” at the COPIOUS LOVE STORE
We are pleased to announce that we have some of the cutest merchandise you might ever be able to put on. Introducing the “Get Your Heart On” line of Copious Love merchandise.

Copious V-Neck
(Tony in L, Lacy in S)
For the whole family! Copious V-Neck t-shirts feature our logo in bright red and white and come in all sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). Sold individually or packaged with stickers and buttons, make it known you are about Copious Love. Also available at CLP events.

Copious Sticker
The very best way to put Love on it, the Copious Sticker features our logo in black and red. Big 3″ round cut stickers stand out from afar; believe me, I’ve put them on many a Seattle pole and on a tumbler in the dishwasher. Years later they are as vibrant as the first day I saw them. Great as pasties too! Online store.

Copious Button
The classic 1″ Copious Buttons are the perfect way to accessorize your jackets, bags, friends, etc. Our heart inside the “O” of Love always makes a clear statement. Available at our events and packaged at our online store, get as many as you can!

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