7 Deadly Birthdays

7 Deadly Birthdays7 DEADLY BIRTHDAYS
Written by Chelsea Madsen
Premiered June 7th, 2012

at Washington Hall


Our second show of Season 2 is 7 Deadly Birthdays, a large ensemble comedy, relating the Seven Deadly sins to seven of Maddie’s most influential birthdays. From childhood to her “guilt ridden prime of life,” Maddie tries with little success, to manage her sinful impulses. Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Pride, Lust, Wrath, Sloth. Maddie embraces them all without question. After all you get away with everything on your birthday! Through each of Maddie’s birthdays we meet her family, friends and the members of the local Catholic church, Saint Anthony’s. A typical Catholic church where the gossip flows like the communal wine and the Mother Superior has been there for at least 100 years. Will our Heroine learn any life lessons from her consistent sin? Succumb to the eternal Catholic Guilt and confess? Or accept a life of rebellion?





Lauren JohnsonLauren Nicole Johnson as Madeline “Maddie” Ruth Winafred MacMorran

Maddie is our rebellious Heroine! She is stubborn, fiery, and has a natural tension with authority. Adventure entices her and she takes every opportunity to sin if it comes her way. She sees no reason to live with the caution of religion. After all, if you have to confess right after committing the sin, doesn’t that take all the fun out of it? Lauren brings a genuine, yet hilarious, edge to Maddie and we are really looking forward to working with her!

Ada McAllisterAda McAllister
as Frances Ruth Genevieve MacMorran

Frances is Maddie’s mother, a devout Catholic trying desperately to cling to her youth. She is fiercely maternal but obviously favors Maddie’s younger brother Gabe, as Maddie is not what she bargained for with a daughter.  Most of the time Frances is on stage, she is clutching her beloved wine glass like her life depends on it. Ada stole our hearts with her fearlessly devoted  interpretation of Frances, you can’t help but love her.

Russ KayRuss Kay
as Peter Wallace MacMorran

Peter is Maddie’s dad, a hard-working man who rarely ever says a negative word. He gives great advice and tries hard to put a positive spin on everything. Peter finds a lot of humor in Maddie’s rebellion, and also in religion, though he would never admit that to Frances. Russ creates a perfect balance in the MacMorran family with just the right amount of lovable wit.

Jeremy BehrensJeremy Behrens
as Gabriel Peter MacMorran

Gabe is Maddie’s younger brother by 2 years. He is the Golden Child who gets away with absolutely everything. To his mother’s delight he becomes actively involved in the parish of Saint Anthony’s. Gabe acts as the angel on Maddie’s shoulder, offering counsel even when she refuses it. Jeremy sealed the deal for us when he was as comfortable playing age 30 as he was jumping around playing a 5 year old.

Danielle MitchellDanielle Mitchell
as Bernadette “Bernie” Lillian MacMorran

Bernie is Maddie’s younger sister by 8 years.  Following in Maddie’s footsteps she is independent, follows the rules only when necessary and moves far away from home as soon as she turns 18. Bernie is a mystery to Maddie for most of her life but the two reconnect later in life. Danielle is just as fearless as Bernie is, she is the perfect devil on Maddie’s shoulder.

Rachel TyrrelRachel Tyrrel
as Lenora Rosemary

Lenora is Maddie’s BFF, her partner in crime, but also the one who repents for all the sins they commit. She buys into religion because forgiveness is very convenient to her yet she sins just as much as she prays. Lenora requires an actor with genuine compassion for someone who is as much trouble as Maddie, and that is undoubtedly Rachel Tyrrel. We could not be more excited to work with her on stage again!

Patrick BaxterPatrick Baxter
 as Love Interest

Love Interest portrays several men throughout Maddie’s life. Ranging from a college dropout, to a affluent fiancee, two different sleazeballs and a no nonsense Police Officer; these men are each very different but somehow always the same. Patrick quickly adapted each character and made choices on the spot that were interesting and more importantly, hilarious.

Kristina WinchKristina Winch
as Priscilla Lucinda Valentine

Priscilla is Maddie’s arch nemesis. Rich, privileged, popular and spiritually sound, she is Maddie’s life long competition and an easy target for her rage. Though Priscilla is more than meets the eye. All Kristina had to do was smile for us, and with that, Priscilla Lucinda Valentine was truly born. Try as you might, you won’t be able to hate her for long!

Saya BurchfieldSaya Burchfield
as Sister Mary Agatha,  Mother Superior

Sister Agatha is Saint Anthony’s Mother Superior, who appears to be immortal. A classic straight laced Nun with a quiet force, she seems sweet to most members of the congregation. Though when dealing with Maddie, she exhibits a unique sassy flair. Saya is a Copious Love Member and has been the vision for this role for a very long time. Nothing gets past her. Nothing!

Dick PhillipsDick Phillips
as Father Reilly Oliver:

Father Reilly Oliver is Saint Anthony’s Priest. He is an Irish Catholic man who has seen and heard it all from a lifetime’s worth of confession. Maddie amuses him but mostly because he doesn’t understand her at all. Dick is the perfect old man. Just watch him get up from a couch. He is a Copious Love Member and isn’t afraid to take on a challenge. He will portray a 85 year old Irishman that will keep you watching.

Fox MatthewsFox Rain Matthews
as Father Noah Oliver

Father Noah is Saint Anthony’s Priest when Father Reilly passes away. He is a young, handsome, impressionable Priest who is eager to create change and spread the word of God. Unfortunately, he is very easily manipulated. Fox Rain Matthews is Copious Love Season 1 alumni and one to watch for sure. He brought a sense of urgency and innocence to Father Noah that we had not previously seen. Perfectly rounding out our already stellar cast.

7 Deadly Birthdays was an evening of sinful temptation like only Copious Love could deliver.

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