Alice’s Anthem (2012)

Written by Chelsea Madsen
Music by Tony Gavilanes
Premiered June 7th, 2012

at Ballard Underground

Copious Love’s all-original musical spectacular exploded off the stage and sold out nearly every night!

Alice’s Anthem will take you on a different adventure than you might be expecting. We have used choice characters, plot points and themes from Lewis Carroll’s text to inspire OUR original story and music. Our Alice is a troubled, and somewhat psychotic, teen who is running away from home, her boring life and her abusive mother. Upon meeting a jovial eccentric who calls himself Mad Max, she finds herself at a Magic Mushroom Tea Party; and as she begins to hallucinate and trip the people around her start to change into some familiar characters and her journey toward enlightenment and self-discovery rapidly takes a detour. This is not your average Disney Alice in Wonderland cartoon. This is an Electro-Cabaret.



Alice’s Anthem
Now available for $9.99 at iTunesAmazonMP3, and CDBaby.

alice's anthem dvds


– “Outstanding independent theater! Don’t forget the little guys.”
– “Some of the new musical tracks were quite catchy, performed vivaciously by the singers/dancers and built the plot well.”
– “Appreciated how much creativity went into the set and costumes. From friends who have done psychedelic drugs – they said the design touches were spot-on.”
– “This new musical has a lot of potential!”

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From the very beginning, we knew this story was absolutely meant to be told with music. It is perfect, the story is plunky like a toy piano in the beginning and then, all of a sudden it gets very electric, synthesized. It changes gears rapidly; Electro Cabaret! With no money to purchase rights to anyone else’s songs, we would need original music to back up our original script. Unfortunately, Lacy and Chelsea are musically, sans-talent. But you want to know who isn’t? Tony Gavilanes. I just have to say, we are lucky.

We had made it our mission statement to write, produce and perform our Original Works; stories that we have wanted to tell since forever, plays that we would want to be involved in ourselves and that showcase not just our talent but our entire community’s talent. When you put us all together, we have a ton of it. Alice’s Anthem is one of those stories; it’s going to take a village! So we have been slowly growing our little community into a company, involving just about everyone we know and tapping our resources, finding new talent, new inspiration. And I am so very happy to say that it is coming together, we are finding our groove and gaining momentum. I think back to where we were just a year ago and it astounds me, just thinking about what we wanted to do most in this world and THIS IS IT. We told ourselves we would go big, nothing less.

ALICE’S ANTHEM Cast of Players:

Ty Bonneville as ALICE:
A clever young girl that is searching for her place in the world and who wants to be able to find it for herself. She appears innocent and distressed but she is actually quite capable and extremely mischievous. She needs guidance but is convinced she can be completely independent.

Saya Burchfield as QUEEN MOTHER:
She had Alice very young and unfortunately motherhood does not come naturally to her. She is volatile and frustrated that she cannot understand her own daughter and the choices she makes. Being the Queen of her castle, if anyone dares to threaten that, she fixes it, even if that someone is her own daughter.

John Paul Sharp as CHASE:
Anxious and animated. He is always moving but is constantly late. He watches over Alice, tries to keep her on track and on the right path, as impossible as that may seem at times. He is her “good” conscience.

Jillian Callahan as CHARLOTTE:
Charlotte is extremely seductive and manipulative. She knows exactly how to convince Alice to do things she would never dream of doing on her own. She is the part of Alice’s conscience that embodies “bad”.

Tony Gavilanes as MAX:
A flamboyant eccentric who introduces Alice to a psychedelic world in hopes to answer her questions. He is her companion through her journey, a hopeful fool and a conjurer of sorts. Max believes in the moment absolutely.

Brent Loya as PILLAR:
Seemingly very wise and mighty… but really, he has just taken enough drugs to be on a higher mental level than most of us. Pillar strives to try and make everyone as enlightened as he is, even though he usually ends up confounding them.

Geoff Finney as TURK:
A sad, lonely musician working in a seedy restaurant. He strums the guitar and sings to the few customers that come in on most nights. His songs are rather odd and sometimes inappropriate, but Turk remains a statue of the artist.

Rachel Gavaletz as RHODIE/DEDAA:
Rhodie is a straight talking, no nonsense Flower that lives in a park in the middle of town, she is brash, loud and loves to gossip. LaDee is a spastic junkie who lives in a crack house in the middle of the woods with her “twin,” they are unpredictable and speak very quickly as if they are one person.

Rachel Tyrrel as IRIS/LADEE:
Iris is a catty, passive aggressive Flower that lives in the park in the middle of town, she knows how to get what she wants and prides herself on her singing voice. DeeDa is a spastic junkie who lives in a crack house in the middle of the woods with her “twin,” they are unpredictable and speak very quickly as if they are one person.

Truong Nguyen as BUDDY/GREG/FLY/JACK:
Buddy is a hipster who loves to be seen with Mad Max; he feels like it gives him street cred. Greg is a former artist who is jealous he has been reduced to being a prep cook at a seedy restaurant, but he prides himself on his famous Soup. Fly is an annoying insect. Jack is a playing card under the control of the Queen Mother, a loyal servant.

Dick Phillips as MOUSE/COOK/BUZZ/CLUB: Permanently high, Mouse is a roommate of Mad Max and he sings everything he speaks. Cook is a crack cook who squats in the middle of the woods with LaDee and DeeDa; they supply the town with an addicting chemical substance. Buzz is an annoying insect. Club is a playing card under the control of the Queen Mother, a loyal servant.

Joanie is a classic hippie; she is friends with Mad Max and loves introducing people to mushroom tea and magic brownies. Mos is an annoying insect. Diamond7 is a playing card under the control of the Queen Mother, a loyal servant.

Jennifer Davies as LAANA/BEA/ACE:
Laana is very eccentric; she is easily distracted, ditzy and she wants to be everyone’s friend. Bea is an annoying insect. Ace is a playing card under the control of the Queen Mother, a loyal servant.


Violin – Jordan Louie
Trumpet – Missy King

We are super excited to be working with some previous Copious players from both “The Way I See It” and “Sweet&Decent/Dark&Twisty,” in addition to a Glamazon, three brand new Rachels, Tony and a band. With LOVE from our side…

Alice’s Anthem – An Original Electro-Cabaret played Thursday, Friday, & Saturday nights June 7th – 23rd, 2012, at 7pm, at The Ballard Underground, 2220 NW Market Street, 98107.

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