Written by Chelsea Madsen
Premiered December 15th, 2011

at Ballard Underground

First things first, Sweet&Decent/Dark&Twisty is an original piece set in Seattle, present day, which takes place at the Bachelor/Bachelorette party of Bethany Dore and Jonah Parker. Their ‘Male of Honor’, Roger Winters, is throwing the party, and during the course of the night nothing goes as planned. This show includes everything that we find ourselves wanting more of when going to the theatre; sex, broken boundaries, comedy, audience participation, burlesque, love, shame, and humanity. Real honest situations that come at really inopportune times; it’s funny, it’s relevant, and I think you will definitely take something away from the experience.




John Paul Sharp as ROGER WINTERS: Roger is the ‘Male of Honor’ of the wedding; he is Beth’s best friend and the ringleader of the entire event. Roger’s main objective is to keep everyone calm, happy, and more importantly, drinking.


Jennifer Davies as BETHANY DORE: Beth is our Bachelorette; she is the seemingly shy and reserved girl next door who, for the first time in her life, is going to act completely out of character.


Fox Matthews as JONAH PARKER: Jonah is our Bachelor; he is a great communicator, friendly, and very easygoing. But I have to say, if anyone will surprise you in this play, I think it will be Jonah.


Katherine Grant-Suttie as KARA STRAND: Kara is the ‘Best Woman’; she is Jonah’s best and oldest friend. Kara is very honest, moving at the speed of light and getting right to her point. She hates wasting time, especially with men.


Geoff Finney as ETHAN ELLIS: A Groomsman; Ethan is laid back and aloof. He is a good guy with great intentions and wants everyone to relax and have a great time, though sometimes he doesn’t think about how his actions affect others.


Ty Bonneville as JANICE JAMES-PRICE: A Bridesmaid; Janice always looks like a million bucks, because she came from exactly that. She is the baby of her family and gets her way, the type who works retail solely for the discount, she has been Beth’s friend for years.


Jeremy Barrett as BENJAMIN WALLACE: Jonah’s work associate; he is the stereotypical corporate snob. Benjamin knows where he wants to go in the company, and unfortunately Jonah holds his dream job. He is only at the party because he’s trying to suck up to Jonah.


Amberlee Williams as HOLLY POST: Benjamin’s date; super sexy, kind of mysterious. She is quiet at first then loosens up once the drinks start flowing. She makes friends with Emily-Jayne, and accidentally gets her really drunk.


Molly Tellers as EMILY-JAYNE OLSON: Beth’s work friend; a wallflower, very quiet and nervous. Emily-Jayne is at the party to try something new. She is socially awkward, hardly gets out, and has never had a stiff drink. Oh yeah, she gets good and drunk.


Kyle Johnson as RIO DeNIRO: The hired male escort; a friend of Roger’s, Rio is a professional lover. He is attracted to everything and everyone. He has absolutely no physical boundaries and loves to be the center of attention.


Jillian Callahan as GINGER BOURBON: The Burlesque dancer; Ginger is everything a girl wants to be: stylish and sleek, with curves you can’t beat. She arrives to the party and turns it upside down with a killer dance routine. There is more to Ginger that meets the eye, and trust me, she will have you wanting more!

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