Taphouse by Kiki Penoyer

Written by Kiki Penoyer
Directed by Jennifer Noel Klouse
Premiered June 5th, 2015
At the Ballard Underground


Taphouse is an adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s beloved Three Sisters, set in contemporary Bellingham, WA.

Chronicling a year in the lives of three employees at a favorite old-grey-mare bar that will “serve you whatever you want, so long as it’s beer!” In addition to these three women, three soldiers finally returning home after years of service in Iraq, two young artists trying to make opportunities for themselves in a sleepy small town, and two local gentlemen who have never known a life outside of their home, get tangled into each others lives over countless beers. Taphouse asks us to examine what makes it so hard to leave behind the life you know and explores the challenging question, “what is home? How does something so comforting and stable as the idea of home become a crutch for some and a trap for others? Why is it so hard to leave your fragile glass bubble? What excuse will you use this time to not get what you think you deserve?

In spite of everyone having a reason to get up and leave, these classic and increasingly tragic characters consistently find themselves unable to do so. But this year will be different. They swear.

Join us this June in Ballard at Coleman’s Taphouse for a night of theatre you will not soon forget!



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