The Way I See It

"The Way I See It"

Written by Chelsea Madsen
Premiered July 29th, 2011

at Ballard Underground

“The Way I See It” was the premiere play by new Seattle theater company, Copious Love Productions. It is a four-person, one-act comedy set in Seattle during its heyday, the mid-nineties. It recounts the story of a day in the life of Mia, a practiced cynic and outspoken music enthusiast, through the perspective of herself and those she encounters. True to 1995, the use of lo-fi technology offers the audience a series of perspectives and becomes an essential prop that the characters interact with. Scenes are set up in vignette style, and while there is one character on stage at a time, you meet the cast on VHS from the start. Brenda, played by Abby Stein, is Mia’s best friend, although seemingly opposite. While Mia goes to shows to see the music, Brenda goes to see the musicians. Xander, played by Brent Loya, is a shy but unwittingly cool guy who, “by day writes for a music column, but by night plays bass in a band.” Steve the record store Manager, played by Dick Philips, is Mia and Brenda’s boss at Platinum Music; an ex-hippy who can’t seem to relate to, “every flannel-wearing pair of Doc Martin’s” that walks into his store.



Lacy Sarco (Mia) Lacy is so excited to see Mia’s angst finally brought to an audience after eight years of patient waiting. From editing, to auditioning, to rehearsing, to producing The Way I See It has been a long and interesting ride with several twists, turns and a few roadblocks but here we are at the world premiere and she could not be happier with the final product. Lacy was last seen as Evangeline the Fax Machine in The Legend of Booxatron at the Ballard Underground. She is so thankful for that experience because it was that project that prompted her with the crazy idea of starting a theatre production company. Copious Love has already exceeded any expectations and she looks forward to the years ahead full of original works and great partnerships with her amazing co-founders Chelsea and Tony. Thanks for making my dream a reality. TRI-FORCE!!

Abby Martin Stein (Brenda) When Abby first spoke to the girls of Copious Love Productions at her audition she thought, “This is a group I’d love to be involved with!” Sure enough this experience has been great. Abby is going into her junior year at Cornish College of the Arts as an acting/directing major. After moving to Seattle from Los Angeles a year and a half ago, she has worked in the community with Unexpected Productions in ‘Jungle Woman of the Jungle’ as Prudence Cutlass, Open Circle Theatre in ‘Witch Prison’ as Rexella, Moonpaper Tent in ‘Midsummer’s Moonbeam’ as Tatiana and can been seen again in Aug at Ballard Underground in Outsiders Inn ‘Bertie’ in multiple character roles. Thanks Jason for being a loving husband.

Dick Phillips (Steve) Dick has done shows for the magical mystery theatre troupe and Bellevue Youth Theatre and was last seen as Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Also, he once punched a Hitler clone straight in the face thus ending the secret cold war, of the really really cold war as Kennedy called it.

Brent Loya (Xander) Styles Bentley aka Brentious, Chauncy Chuckles, and The Sultan of Silliness is the exceeded standard of the 21st Century Renaissance Man.  A writer, singer, actor, dancer, and dreamer Styles sculpts the world to his pleasing, by all ways of art. Find yourself twisting down a wormhole reading his blog ‘Unintelligentley Intellectual’, shaking your booty to a classic ‘Del Smpl Wait’ track, or getting down to Mr. Bentley’s newest EP ‘Smelly Calore’ and you will surely be freaking out while having a great time! The Sultan is a beautiful man who wants to say hello and give you a kiss, may I? Thanks! NOW PAY ATTENTION TO THE SHOW (and visit my website)!!!!!

Sally Brady (Lady) Sally is happy to be able to perform in this Copious Love production.  Most recently seen as Vuvuzela in Centerstage’s production of “Sleeping Beauty”, Sally will next appear as Meg in “A Lie of the Mind” at ACT.  Favorite roles include Jan in “Bedroom Farce” and Artemis in “Eleemosynary.”  Thanks goes to the boys at home: sons, Jack and Drew and husband Vince.

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