writing group

Our Writing Group meets once a month to read & share what we have all been working on or thinking about. This group is set up to create a supportive environment for a very solitary art medium. Sharing ideas with other artists around town in a small intimate group can help massively! We meet in person but we also communicate and hold discussions on our Facebook group page so more people can be involved on a daily basis. In person, we catch up on our projects, discuss recent inspiration & any troubleshooting techniques we have found useful, etc. The first half of the meeting is focused primarily on sharing content we have created over the last month. Anyone wanting to read out loud or hear anything in character voice will email the Group leaders (KathrynRachel) to share the content with the group members. Only 15 pages will be read at the group to allow for discussion and re-works. The second half of the meeting is devoted to quiet writing time, group editing & our favorite “what are you reading?” discussions. Sometimes we just need a couple hours a month to sit down with other writers to really focus in on what you have been having trouble with, this meeting gives you an excuse to plow through that mental block and attack it!


Email copiousloveproductions@gmail.com for more information!